DIGIOP ELEMENTS Certification Training

This class is a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of the DIGIOP ELEMENTS software platform.

DIGIOP ELEMENTS Certification Training

Software Overview

  • Fundamentals
  • Software Installation
  • Hosted vs Local

DIGIOP Control (Admin/Configuration)

  • System Information
  • Analog Camera Configuration
  • IP Camera Configuration (Manual/Auto-Detect/Auto-Configure)
  • Add a Data stream, Groups, Tours
  • Users and Roles, Permissions
  • Rules Engine Overview
  • System Event Notifications Engine


  • POS Cash Register
  • Analytics Overview
  • Access Control Integration
  • Custom Queries
  • Rules and Actions
  • Associating Resources
  • Manage Versions (Remote Upgrades)

DIGIOP Advanced Analytics

  • DIGIOP 3D Analytics Configuration

DIGIOP Connect

  • User Experience
  • Layout, Live Video
  • Search, Export
  • Notification Live and Search
  • PTZ and Audio, Remote Actions

Troubleshooting 101



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