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infinias Intelli-M Access Certification Training

infinias certification is required by all integrators wishing to sell Intelli-M Access Professional and Corporate.

In order to become an infinias certified partner, all integrators must complete the 3 day certification course. It is a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of the Intelli-M Access software platform. Experienced integrators may opt out of Day 1 basic training upon approval by the course instructor. Please note: you must bring your own laptop to participate in training.

Please call 888-572-9252 or email with any questions.

Below is the course outline for infinias certification:

Intelli-M Access Essentials

Day 1

Intelli-M Access Essentials Training

Hardware Training (eIDC32)

  • Capabilities
  • Web UI
  • eIDC32 Lab
  • System configuration

Intelli-M Access Essentials

  • Installing
  • Configuring
  • Zones and doors
  • People and groups
  • Schedules
  • Access privileges
  • System configuration

Custom Reporting

  • Accessing reports
  • Customizing badges
  • Using Report Builder to modify reports
  • Printing badges
Intelli-M Access Professional

Day 2

Intelli-M Access Professional Training

Rules Engine Overview

  • How the Rules Engine works
  • Role of a peripheral in the Rules Engine
  • Integrating other devices
  • Rule actions
  • Using filters
  • Multi-rule features
  • First in, lock down, email

LDAP Integration

  • Gathering key information
  • Configuring LDAP
  • Initial population
  • Ongoing changes

Calendar Integration

  • Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar
  • Configuring the integration
  • Testing
  • What can be done
Intelli-M Access Corporate

Day 3

Intelli-M Access Corporate Training


  • Group zone assignment
  • Supervisor Role
  • Scope
  • Zone hierarchy


  • Creating and managing peripherals
  • Types of peripherals
  • Creative use of peripherals

Video Integration Lab

  • Integration focus and solutions
  • Setting up video integration
  • Features and benefits
  • Digiop integration with infinias


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